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    In desperations after missing all the AG's outing because I'm always late in registering , i decide to go out on my own.
    Thinking of going out from maybe 3 - 4 pm until late evening. Hopefully will get some day shots and night shots.
    Any particular route to recommend?
    Thanks all.

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    Guess it also depends on what you intend to take.
    You wanna take buildings? Skyline? Scenery?
    People at rest? People at work? People at play?

    When you have decided, maybe you can post date, time and place here.
    There might be people interested in joining you...

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    Take everything I guess. Me and my friend are newbies at this. We just want to see nice objects (anything really, although me partial to scenic blue sky) and try to build the relationship with our camera.
    I heard about route starting at Tanjong Pagar Train station, but not really sure where to go from there.


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