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    Nikon, still doing this or not? Forgot already?

    Neck LONG LONG liao!

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    no need to wait... I think it will never materialize.

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    The hole to be filled up is a 1.5 crop cam with amazing autofocus, good ISO, high framerate, high buffer. I guess the closest is D7200 now.

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    Been waiting for this for decades too but eventually gave up and bought others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonB View Post
    Nikon, still doing this or not? Forgot already?

    Neck LONG LONG liao!
    Just get D4.... it has less zero's on it... lol
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    From Thom Hogan's review of D7200:

    "As you’ll see in my Recommended Nikon DSLRs article I posted simultaneously with this, the D7200 joins the D810 as the only two current Nikon DSLRs in my “great” category (as opposed to just really good DSLRs). It’s a fine camera. No, it’s not a D400, but that doesn’t make me like it any less. A lot of us are going to be heading out to our favorite wildlife sanctuary with a D7200, and I doubt we’ll be complaining about much, if anything. The D7200 will do me just fine until a D400 comes along."

    Personally I am using 2 FX DSLRs - D800 and Df, and 1 DX DSLR - D3200 (when I want to go small and light). But if you want a one-camera solution and want DX, I would go with Thom Hogan's recommendation.

    And I also don't think a D400 will come along.


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