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Thread: VW golf gti 2005

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    This car is insane, too bad it isn't mine... @(!&^#. Anyway, wanted to share this series with U guys for comments & critiques or OT abt the car itself heh.

    1 How's the fake flare?



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    Not into car photography.

    But I drive a Golf GTi - the previous model with manual gears. Love it!

    I test-drove this car. My verdict? As uninvolving as driving those all things one sees on the roads.

    Interestingly, when I was in the show room waiting to drive this car, there was a couple of Italians. To the Italians, this car is a joke! No self respecting Italian will drive an automatic car!

    I am obviously not Italian. But I can sure agree with them! BTW, that italian I spoke to owns a manual of this latest Golt GTi.

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    Not into car photography too, but I agree with student wholeheartedly about Golf GTI being a great car. I used to own the Mk. I Golf GTI and till now, the way it drives still leaves me with fond memories.

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    It'd be a godsend to people like me who can't drive stick shift

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    I used to own a Golf VR6 - 2.8 V6 in a hatch. Killed the Golf GTI of those days. Not sure how this GTI compares. But an auto version is just a sin.

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    i'm very much surprised! Heard this is VW's best selling golf so far...

    I wasnt a fan of the golf (ahem until recently) but I thought vw listened to their fans & this gti was what every golf fan wanted....

    No drastic changes to the styling, that 'golf' look is still there and yet value for money with that engine in there. Pity abt the FWD (but a 4WD version is available soon), slightly imperfect paddle-shift placements, lighter steering feedback but damn, this car felt like a stock track car...

    am waiting for the 1.4 turbo version *drool*

    As for the italians, yea, that's interesting, like the french all drive freakin peugeot...
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