Acer 5504 with the X700 128Mb GFX. S$2800....2.7 ~ 2.9kg.
Toshiba M50 with X700 128Mb GFX. S$3000++++++++++

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i m looking for a laptop with a budget of around 2400 like tat
i m looking at dell inspiron 6000 and acer aspire 5500 series...
wat do u all recommand??
wat are the pro n cons of the two brands...

hope to get something which is portable(not huge) mayb a 14 in or small i hope..
i like the looks of a compaq v2000 series...the wide screen is nice...
but heard tat compaq had some problem with OS and software...wat do u all say abt it??

so do help thanz.

wanna get d ibm t43 but nt enough $$$