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Thread: BEST PRICE IN TOWN!! B+W and Hoya Filters

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    Default BEST PRICE IN TOWN!! B+W and Hoya Filters

    Selling B+W and Hoya Filters since 2008
    Guarantee Best Price in town!!
    We do PRICE MATCH!!!

    * If you find someone selling the same product at a lower price. We will try to match it with +5% further discount.
    * All items are BRAND NEW and not been open at all.

    1)Meet up
    2)Free Postage
    3)Self collection from Fu lu Shou complex #02-24(Please let me know 1 day in advance so that I can arrange the stocks)

    For faster reply and pictures, please what's app/imessage/sms my mobile directly @ 94513890
    Alternatively, you may drop me an email @

    B+W UV XSP NANO Filter
    86mm -$140
    82mm -$110
    77mm -$85
    72mm -$80
    67mm -$70
    62mm -$60
    58mm -$55
    52mm -$45(Special price)
    49mm -$50
    46mm -$50
    40.5mm -$45
    39mm -$45

    Limited Edition(with serial number and certificate and exclusive wooden box.Gold on the side)B+W UV-Haze DMRC Filter

    B+W KSM MRC XSP MRC NANO Circular Polariser
    72mm -$170
    67mm -$150
    52mm -$110
    49mm -$100

    B+W ND and graduated ND filters(only in 77mm)
    ND 110E(10 stops reduction) -$120
    ND 106E(6 stops reduction) -$100
    ND 103E(3 stops reduction) -$80
    ND 102E(2 stops reduction) -$50
    502 ND(2 stops 25% graduation)- $50

    HOYA HD UV Filter
    82mm -$100
    77mm -$90
    67mm -$70
    62mm -$60
    52mm -$50

    Hoya HD Circular Polariser
    82mm -$145
    77mm -$135
    72mm -$110
    67mm -$100
    62mm -$80
    58mm -$65
    55mm -$60
    52mm -$55

    Hoya HMC UV Filter
    82mm -$30
    72mm -$25
    62mm -$20
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