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Thread: Painter IX on digital photography

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    Don't quite know where to post this but I guess this appropriate since it involves manipulation of the digital photos. Is there anyone out there who's interested in using Painter IX for their digital photos? Are there any courses out there if anyone knows?

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    Always thought Painter is more illustrative than photographic-based.

    Doesn't seem to have change in this version, has it?

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    Actually Painter uses a lot of photoshop filters as well and can manipulate the photos like much like PS and at the same time allow the user the artistic freedom to enhance the photos thru "painting" brushes. There's currently alot of "photo paintings" done now with pretty amazing results. With Painter IX one can currently use the "color" in the photos as color/paint mixes to paint via the use of e-brushes. This is unlike the automated use of some painting emulating filters that's found in photoshop. Pretty amazing stuffs. If you have seen the last photoshopuser magazine you should see an incredible painting done thru this method.

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    Here are some sites where you can see the use of "photo paintings" using Painter. They are also photographers.


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