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Thread: StreetTease: The Crowd is Getting BIG!

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    To all designers or design wannabe!

    TAXI Design Network presents Street Tease 2005 @ Bugis

    Streets have their own character and dimensions. They are distinct, unique and fascinating in their own right its culture is what defines and affects the very existence of its inhabitants. In this first edition of Street Tease, Bugis Street is THE SITE we want to leave our imprints on. We are want to capture what Bugis is all about and literally splash it across its walls! See the exhibition and experience the transformation of the space. Come for the workshops and leave your marks all over the walls. Take this chance to discover design in urban spaces and be a part of Street Tease @ Bugis

    For more detail:

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    Anyone going for this event? Super hype and it's on rooftop and heard they are kick starting with local artists!!! It's our very own event to show the world must go and support them!!!
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