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Thread: Really embarassing thread...

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    You'd be surprised at how spontaneous option 1 can get! Then again i suppose you've gotta be a camera whore like me! helps if your gf is one too cos you wind up taking spontaneous photos everywhere.
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    most handphones got a mirror near the lens so u can see what u shooting, some hp can even swivel. just remember to compensate a bit depending on your SO standing on your left or right, a little bit of pratcise helps. there are hp that are 35mm equiv. althought the quality may not be as good as dslr, but the moment is captured and i guess your SO will be happy once u pass her some printed 4Rs (remember to ps away all the pimples/blackheads/etc) And u can see a bit of the background too

    oh, remember to bring more memory cards for your trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feinwerkbau
    Hey YQT, you know, this 'project' just popped into my mind as I was sitting down quietly last night after my wife came home. I don't mean to sound morbid, but I guess that with her recent major operation, it just struck me that should anything happen, there's hardly any pictures of us in our daily lives together, sharing for good and bad. The other project will have to wait till she's more settled; she's on 1 month MC right now.
    Glad to hear that your wify is back home. Get in touch with me when she's better and more settled. You take care, OK.
    I get paid more shooting part time ...... damn, I should find more time to shoot part time

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