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    like the interesting colours....

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    wahhh auntie Z where did u go this time....i esp like the third shot...coz the treatment to the colours make the pants on the right look v 3d...really draws me eyes in..


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    heheh.. nice Zaren but the shadows are too deep (ie: saturation too much) nice angle on the last shot but can exploit further by going wider and lower

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    thanks for the comments everyone...

    jeff: glad u liked it!

    nephew witness: this is the back lane behind my office. i've been meaning to shoot the clothes hanging on the clothes lines (which belong to construction workers nearby) for a long time now. the third shot was an attempt to add more "depth" to the photo by shooting closer to the wall.

    sniperd: yes i admit i went completely OTT over the saturation, by drastically reducing the gamma from 1.0 to about 0.3 .i think you would prefer a gamma setting of 0.6 which has less shadow and less saturated colours. you have made a good point about going lower and wider. there really is a lot to be said for working the angles while "sketching" out the subject in a series of shots. i shot this with a fuji F10 which is only 35mm (35mm equivalent) at the wide angle end.


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