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Thread: Help! Whoch flash to use?!

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    Default Help! Whoch flash to use?!

    Hi everyone, I've taken a hiatus from photography for awhile and now Icm back and suddenly technology has improved and changed so much. Currently working my way back into this hobby, does more photography of events, sports etc.

    Thinking of getting a flash to match my d7000, however I'm in a dilemia as of should I get the dirt cheap sb-600 now or the much improved sb-900. The main reason i wanna get a flash unit is so i can have more of the light, like bouncing it off the ceiling etc, for group photos etc.

    Do.i really need the 900 or will the 600 suffice my needs?

    Do advise, thanks!

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    Default Re: Help! Whoch flash to use?!

    it all depends on the size the room, the size of the group,

    a HDB 3 room flat living room is a room, a hotel ballroom can contains 1000 guests is also a room.

    more than two persons can consider a group, 300 people congregate together is also a group.

    if so you are not sure, just buy the biggest you can get, you can always reduce the power output if you don't need that much, but you can't increase the output when it already reaches the maximum power.
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    Default Re: Help! Whoch flash to use?!

    The SB-600 has since been succeeded by SB-700, while the SB-900 has been refreshed to SB-910 (sans the heating problem. I remember a few of my kakis showing me their '900 flash-heads colored with partially melted gels...) I am not sure if the local stores still carry the legacy models though.

    As catchlights mentioned, there are many factors beyond the speedlite's capability that you have to consider, such as group-size, distance to group, ceiling height, etc. If your budget allows, just get the more powerful model available, since surplus power beats insufficiency on any given day.

    Personally, I have a SB-800 for about 5 years, normally do ceiling bounce (approximately 8m high in some places) for groups and individuals that are standing typically 5~7m away, and have no problems lighting said subjects pleasantly. Just do your research, set a budget and go have some strobing fun.
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