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    First attempt of a sunrise/morning/landscape shoot. Will be going back again.
    Boy, have to wake up earrrrly...

    I know it can be improved, but how?

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    More of the sun in the reflection? Just my 2
    eat. drink. shoot

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    Default Re: Sunrise

    it would be nicer if more detail could be seen and some sort of composition
    worked out from the landscape, maybe some foreground detail to show
    depth and space

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    me no expert..

    just feel that sun is too bright.

    can any experts also advise us when is the best time to take sun raise shot..?
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    think nothing more can be done in this pic. all a question of the moment you release the shutter: the sun's position in relation to the clouds, the shape of the clouds, how the light reveals their volume, shape, folds, etc. and the reflection. The silhouette is OK. In this pic too much sun, so too burning a sensation.

    So suggest u shoot again, and take many shots. 1 good shot in 20 is not too bad i think.
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    Hi everyone,

    For such photos of sunrise/sunset, where do you normally meter? For me, I use my partial metering and meter the 'averagely' bright clouds.

    Comments anyone?

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    I think the foreground leading from lower right to upper left tends to lead the eyes towards the left of the picture, but the interesting area is on the right?


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