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Thread: There's a hole.

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    Default There's a hole.

    In everyone's life there is a hole. Make sure you don't fall into it.

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    Default Re: There's a hole.

    Yeah, holes everywhere.

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    Default Re: There's a hole.

    I go to this hole every morning ..............
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    Oh bro everyday at work I met a lot of "A Hole" are those type of holes can be considered? (∀`)
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    Default Re: There's a hole.

    The video in the first post had been removed so the context of the original post was gone.

    But just talking about holes, here's a quote from Ike Turner's "What I've Learned" interview with Esquire magazine.

    "Everything is a hole. When you're born, two holes -- there's a hole at the head of your penis, and you come out of a hole. So you come out, and everything is about holes. When you eat? Hole. When you breathe, it's a hole. When you see, it's a hole. When you hear, it's a hole. And when you die, where you goin'? Right back in the hole. If you get too much money, you gonna be in a hole. If you don't get enough, you're definitely gonna be in a hole. So to me, the best thing to do is stop tryin' to stay outta the hole: Get in the hole and find out what's happenin' with the hole and try to control the hole. And then you can have the hole, because you understand the hole."


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