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Thread: how to take macro shot?

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    Default how to take macro shot?

    yoyoyo people
    how to take macro shot with s9500 or any slr-like digital cam? =P i;m sooo weak with digital...

    want to take insects.. but they keep moving..
    then try to take flower... i cant get the depth of field i wanted...


    how to do it????
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    Default Re: how to take macro shot?

    Hmm... lazy to find out what's the S9500. Sounds to me like a prosumer?

    Most prosumers include or has an adaptor available to attach to the front so that you can add on filters or other accessories. Go get one for your cam and then get a close-up filter like the Hoya +4 or the Nikon 6T.
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    Default Re: how to take macro shot?

    go to the macro sub forum and look for the gurus signatures
    there will be links to their equipments and other useful information


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