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Thread: Help needed on travel to Korea

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    Hi guys...I need some advice here so pardon the long post. I suppose there are quite a few travellers here around so here goes...

    I have been to Korea on a ski tour before but this time round I am going with 2 female frds (I am a guy) and we are thinking of doing a free&easy backpacking trip (around 8 days) somewhere in the 3rd or 4th week of Nov. Tentative plan is to spend around 3, 4 days in Jeju, 2 days around Mt Sorak, Sokcho area and 2 days in Seoul. Budget for trip is $1500 - 2000 SG dollars. I have done some research by going through some backpacking in Korea websites, KNTO and some other websites on accomodation(guesthouses). Still need more help though on:

    1. Accommodation . Our accom budget through the trip is 25000 won (32 SG dollars) per night per person and its best we share a private room as a trio. I have found from KNTO a useful list of guesthouses online. Cleanliness (especially bed) and the safety of our belongings (should have large bags) left in the room while we tour is paramount. Do all these guesthouses provide heating? Which would be the recommended one?

    I cant seem to find any websites for guesthouses in Sokcho and Jeju. Can someone direct me to the appropriate website or should we start looking for accommodation when when we reach? Maybe I am paranoid but I am concerned about being stranded in Korea with no accom for the night, especially when I have female frds to take care of. I suppose it would be best to reserve all accom before we leave for Korea?

    I actually managed to find a triple room in New Crown Hotel in Jeju for SG $124 per night, which works out to around 25000 won per person per night (which is very reasonable). This was through and HotelWordwide I think. Is it advisable to book through such sites cos I cant seem to find the hotel's own website to do reservations? Which is the best way to book certain hotels in Korea?

    2. Weather. I was in korea in early Decemeber and it was really cold when the wind blows. So for the 3rd and 4th week of Nov, besides the winter jacket I presume long johns are a must too?

    3.High season. Is 3rd, 4th Nov considered high season in Korea, as in its hard to get accom, airfares,train rides or intercity rides?

    4. Sokcho and Mt Sorak. We plan to visit Mt sorak for a full day and the reason for staying at Sokcho is the accom in Sorak is expensive. Since Sokcho is near Sorak (less than 30 mins bus ride?) , it would be advisable to use it as a base? Reaaly concerend about finding accom in Sokcho. Are there other alternatives to Sokcho?

    5. Ferry rides or fly into Jeju. May I know are the ferry rides comfortable? Cos the ferry rides alone from Busan takes 11 hours! I can take a ferry from Mokpo instead though. For the flights in Jeju from Kimpo from the Asiana website, the fares quoted, do they include tax? If not, may I know roughly how much the tax is? Should we reserve before hand as I read that there are 30+ flights from Kimpo to Jeju a day (did I get it wrong?)!!!Trying to compare taking ferry or flight as if we take a ferry, we would have to factor in the cost of taking the DXT (high speed train)from Seoul to Busan.

    6. Car rental in Jeju. We are keen to go to the scenic places in Jeju and explore at own pace and to watch the sunrise. So to do that I suppose a car is necessary as no buses would start oprating that early to allow us to catch the sunrise? What is the normal rate for an AUTO car for 3 days 2 nights? Is it safe to rent cars from the Jeju airport or should we go to a hotel and do it instead? Anyone has any agencies to recommend?

    7. DMZ tours. I really hope to catch this tour, should I book in advance from USO? Or does anyone have other recommendations? Do we need to book in advance?

    Sorry for dumping you guys with so many questions at one go...hehehe...pls feel free to provide any additional advice.

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    Default Re: Help needed on travel to Korea

    You may want to post your question here...

    I think there will be more people who can give you advice

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    Its ok...we have decided to go yunnan. Thanks anyway....


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