Hi Gang – I’m back from vacation (took some time off for a trip with the family before my son heads off for college).
Would you mind taking a quick survey about your use (or non-use) of the Mobile version of Lightroom? Aww, thanks…you are awesome (and here’s the link):
Lightroom Mobile Survey
Hope you all have an awesome Lightroom-infused weekend (I’m doing a fashion shoot today for a KelbyOne online class, and I’ll be tethering into Lightroom and using Lightroom mobile so the Art Director can see my shots live on an iPad during the shoot).
P.S. If you’re super-into Lightroom, check out the Lightroom learning tracks at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo coming up in Vegas in August. RC, Pete and I will all be teaching Lightroom sessions there – hope we’ll see you there. 
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