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Thread: Who is using Quantum Battery pack?

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    Default Re: Who is using Quantum Battery pack?

    This is the battery cell which use inside Quantum 1+Battery pack, it also a SLA battery. Most people DIY battery pack is to power flash unit, so far SLA battery is the most economy and reliable for DIY battery pack.

    For powering DSLR, most people still using original battery or Quantum Battery pack, I have not heard anyone try to DIY a battery pack for DSLR.

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    Default Re: Who is using Quantum Battery pack?

    i have seen pple using DIY battery pack for S2Pro because the battery life of the org. batt is too short and he cannot afford to change batt while covering events.

    I used the Quantum battery pack before, but it is too heavy to me...i hang it at my waist level using my belt...and my pants keep dropping lower and lower because of the batt
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    Default Re: Who is using Quantum Battery pack?

    Quote Originally Posted by enghong17
    Hi Clown,

    The batteries i am talking about are those you can find at Sim Lim Tower. The hugh squarish types. They come in 6v/9v/12V and different current ratings like 1.2mAh, 1.8, 2 etc.... Generally the larger the battery the higher the current ratings. Not sure what type of batts those, think Li? Am using it for a project to power high rating motors. Those can power up even the rotating lights you see on the road, so think for S2pro should not be a prob other than the possibility a power spike which may occur.


    Just realised its called a lead acid cell, not a Li ion batt.

    A tread on another forum on such batteries
    i've tried them liao.. last year i think, i was bothering the basement battery shop uncle every other day. our conclusion is that the lead acid battery doesnt provide enough current to start the s2pro up. voltage is ok, battery capacity is confirm ok, just not enough current.. so my conclusion is that quantum has a power regulating circuit which keeps it above the market, else every tdh will be walking around with DIY batterypacks liao. so in the end it's still 'watever gets the job done'.

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