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Thread: SD card not reconigised

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    Unhappy SD card not reconigised

    I have did a search on the forums and saw that many people recover image because card was accidently formatted or some error. But ultimately the card can still be read. Now I have this Sandisk ultra II 1gb SD card. It was taken with a lumin fx9, it was all fine and steady. But till the day i want to transfer the image, the camera cant read and says card error. When i used a card reader, the computer says, "pls insert disk..." When i want to format it from the comp, they say pls insert disk. And checking the properties, the file system is RAW and it is 0 bytes.
    How can i read the data? Any prog? I tried a few but cant read. As the drive cant be initialised at all. Is there any way at all?
    Worried... as these pics were taken from HK tour, if all gone then...

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    Sad to say, send it in to SanDisk. My sis had a similar problem with her SanDisk CF card also when she went you, HK.

    SanDisk couldn't do anything but to replace her a new card.

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    Does the demo version of RescuePRO detect the images?


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