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    Suddenly felt like doing a still life

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    Interesting studio shoot but the image doesn't have the refreshing touch that makes viewers want to quench their thirst. I dunno. Must be something gotta do with the background gradual color or there aren't enuff ice in the glass. Or maybe it's the straw?!

    Did you use Photoshop's Gradient Tool for the background color? Looks kinda unnatural and flat. Mind sharing with us yr workflow on this image?

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    You're right, some ice cubes would probably help, unfortunately did not have any handy

    It was shot on a spare piece of floor tile and the back of a poster for the background. Lighting was an off camera flashgun on tripod at approx 90 deg. right with home made equivalent of lumiquest pocket bouncer and on camera flash (Nikon D70s).

    Liquid was just tap water with food colouring. "Condensation" on glass is glycerin/water mixture sprayed on (left over from another shoot).

    Background was done with Nik Color Efex Pro graduated blue filter.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Default Hope you dont mind....Just for fun...

    Quote Originally Posted by Verywierd
    Suddenly felt like doing a still life


    I'm kinda curious on how to put some "commercial" value to the image hence i try out this one.....hopefully you dont mind my editing....


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    Looks good. If you get any money from C*** C*** Corp. share it with me

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    Wow! How did you PS the image?


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