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    Anyone has experience using this sharpening tool ?
    Where can I get it locally (Spore) ? (instead of buying off the internet)
    Thanks !

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    You can download the demo at and I think you might be able to get the full version by purchasing a key (I think you can because that's how the purchase of their filter package works).

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    not sure who sells it (if anyone at all) here in SG.

    As Terrence has mentioned, can buy from

    i've evaluated it before (when it was at version 1.0) but ended up deciding on PixelGenius's Photokit sharpener which I find is able to give more precise sharpening control. The price difference between the 2 is amazingly HUGE.

    pm me if u wanna see a simple comparison test i've done previously on the 2

    good luck!

    disclaimer: i don't represent nor sell any of these 2 products

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    Hi, Terence and knoxknocks,
    Thank you very much for your help and useful info. Really appreciate it. I'm checking out and reading reviews on other "cheaper" alternatives, and PhotoKit looks very promising indeed. Thanks again !
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