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Thread: PowerShot Pro 1 -VS- EOS 350D

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    Default PowerShot Pro 1 -VS- EOS 350D

    PowerShot Pro 1 - S$1,499 -VS- EOS 350D S$1,849

    Forgive my ignorance. I am just wondering, with a difference of $350, why would anyone want to buy the PowerShot Pro 1 compare to a DSLR?

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    Different market segment.

    Pro 1 for consumers who wants a All-in-one camera (phototaking, telezoom, video)

    350D for consumers who want more controls.

    i will bring a pro 1 if i go overseas on a biz trip. do not need to carry my full gear for my DSLR. it really depends on your needs and preference if $$ is not a concern.


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