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I like to read hard, sustainable and tangible facts that support the statements (or already accusations?) of fallen service standards. So far, not a single fact has been brought forward here. Whether it is an excerpt or analysis does not matter as long as it has facts at hand. I might not agree to any conclusion, but that's based on facts then.
I have given one example with the SKYTRAX survey.

Got it in one. I want to have actual points because I do not accept 'general views' without them. (Be honest: would you accept any critics about your work without a list of tangible facts?)
I am fully aware that customer feedback in any form is subjective. But then, there are several ways to eliminate the 'subjective noise' in order to get to the hard facts. That's used in professional surveys.

My question is not related to my work, nor am I working for SIA or any related company or organization. I simply want to have more meat to it. Coming from engineering background I prefer to have facts and figures at hand to make a proper assessment. Bold and sweeping statements do not count all.

I accept any statement supported by facts. Incidents occur but a single incident cannot by used to lament 'fallen standards', there must be more to it.
I have my own experiences with several airlines but I don't dare to make any sweeping statements because my experiences only cover such a small amount of flights that this is nothing that can be used to derive any general view.
I agree with you, Uncle Octarine.

i find that many people have unreasonable expectations for in-flight service.

some passengers even expect the stewardesses to "put out" for them.

SQ's service standards hasn't dropped much i would say, just that expectations have grown way over expectations. and for that, people need to stop watching movies and tv shows that feature unrealistic crew standards.

maybe the girls aren't as pretty, or the guys as handsome. but that's nothing to do with service standards.

maybe their poise and posture isn't as good as the past, but that's just for our eyes to enjoy.

sometimes, people need to get their heads out of their @sses and be realistic