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  • More to Skinny

    7 10.61%
  • Average

    15 22.73%
  • More to Meaty

    10 15.15%
  • Inproportionate but meaty at the right spots

    6 9.09%
  • Model look-alike

    18 27.27%
  • Non-Singaporean Asian

    10 15.15%
  • Caucasian/Euporean/American

    7 10.61%
  • Anything as long as he/she mans da hse + cook

    7 10.61%
  • Will only luv me, myself and I!

    28 42.42%
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Thread: Your Other Half

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    Haha.. funny topic.

    But actually most guys i know dun so much prefer gals that are too skinny. For them, a bit meaty is ok, as long as she is not unhealthy. And they also like big big "meat" at the upper spot.

    Funny heh? While all the gals are going into diet and slimming centre earning so much money, what guys i know want is so simple-> not too skinny. Best if have more meat on the right spots.

    Any other comments?

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    all i want in my other half, aside from loving only me, myself and I and being an average looker + local chinese with a degree

    would be the ability and willingness to provide me with a comfortable life so that I can retire as soon as I become a mother.

    of cos, it would be a bonus if he does not objectify women like most males do.
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    Long poems again...~

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    Very interesting topic.....
    I like my other half is an independent person and beautiful inside. And the most important thing she loves me.......
    Is this too much too ask? I can't find one until now.......
    Maybe I am a sub average guy with weight complexity....

    Coming Home
    by Stratovarious

    I wake up in the morning
    So far away from home
    Trying to make it though the day
    Many miles are between us
    I'm sending my love
    From this pay-phone
    Through the storms we wandered
    Many mountains we have climbed
    But all the bad times are behind
    The road is free
    I'm coming home
    Without you I am like a ship without its sails
    Calling the wind to save me
    I'd climb the highest mountain
    I'd cross the seven seas
    Just to see your smile again
    All the trust that we built along the years
    Is coming back to stay I know
    Just look ahead the road is free
    I'm coming home
    With every step I'm closer to home
    When I'm back you won't be alone
    Soon I'll see the familiar door before my eyes
    And you
    Oh, through the storms we wandered
    Many mountains we have climbed
    Oh, the bad times are behind
    The road is... the road is free
    And I'm coming home
    I'm coming homeComing Home

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    Hahaha....u'll meet your other half soon...juz on day she'll come

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