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Thread: Buying Second Hand Stuff

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    Trying to buy a lens in the B&S here...hahaha...but still a bit paranoid...tend to buy first hand as I dunno how the previous owner treat the stuff...

    Anyone the same?

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    I rarely buy new! :-) Just check the stuff, but I admit you need to know how and what to check. So read alot.......and with these electronical gadgets these days, it is not easy to check properly. They can malfunction anytime, especially in these tropical climates, sometimes to no fault of the previous user.

    BTW: I mainly use mechanical stuff, so it is easier


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    I love buying 2nd hand as well because of the savings. Just be very careful when checking the equipment upon meet-up. If you're really really paranoid you can bring down a laptop, shoot test images with the lens/body and view them at 100% on your screen. You can see instantly if there's anything wrong with the image.
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    Start cheap... if you're not comfortable don't get something that's too expensive. Once you go thru it once or twice it should be ok.

    I'd rather get mine from a reputable shop that knows me. At least if something is wrong you can exchange. Some B/S sellers do that too, so do apply some common sense. Of course if they prefer to meet in crowded places and refuse to provide phone number and address, etc and hoping for a quick sell... you have to be more careful compared than someone that invites you to their home and sounds sincere.
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    Go with a well-informed friend to evaluate the goods.

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    yo razor!

    thanks all for the advice.

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    For expensive items, best to get those that still have warranty left but it is not easy to find


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