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Thread: Bulk Film cheaper in Oversea ?

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    Default Bulk Film cheaper in Oversea ?

    Thinking of getting Bulk film like provia & velvia, since my friend is going to San Francisco soon.

    Any web site or place in US to get bulk film cheaper than Singapore ?

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    Default Re: Bulk Film cheaper in Oversea ?

    Films are in general cheaper to get in asia region. Singapore's film price is mostly cheaper than the other country. Presently in canada, films here are rather expensive, but they have more variety compare to singapore cos the demand is heigher here. Bulk films are plenty here since most of them leave far away from professional camera shop thus most of them like to buy in bulk roll. Check out websites like B&H and email them for pricing. Most shops don't publish their film price on the net. Email to ask. Note that when buying from US and Canada, gst and pst has to be added to the cost. In canada, PST and GST is at 7 % each.


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