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    Default Photo of the Month

    Many of us are hobbists/amateurs with varying experience. We also have among us professional photographers.

    Users post their works either directly to Clubsnap (CS) or link thru' some other hosting site when they don't have rights to file attachment in CS.

    I thot it might be interesting to have a panel of the "experienced" gurus (and possibly the professional) to vote on one (or more) of the photos submitted to CS for the month. As there are many genres available for posting, it would help if this could be split up among the panel of "experts". Each could then pick 2 or 3 and roll it up for consideration before voting on the photo(s) of the month. To facilitate that, we might even have photo of the week and use this as a basis for photo of the month.

    The idea is to comments and critique the(se) photos on what was good about it (in terms of composition, exposure, effect etc). I hope this would provide invaluable tips and experience for budding photographers on what makes a good photo and some pitfalls to avoid, if any. This would also provide us with insights on how to go about photo critique. Most of the time, we choose not to critique photo due to either:
    1. Inability to express ourselves
    2. Inability to convey our thoughts
    3. Inexperience on our parts
    4. Inferiority on our parts
    5. Including a host of other reasons like paiseh etc.

    I hope this would provide a springboard to encourage more people to share their thoughts and comments generously.

    This msg is kinda of long but hope you ge the gist of what I'm trying to suggest.


    p.s. I need an outlet to express my achievement of 100 posts in CS, thus this mail.

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    Good idea. Let's see how the admin react to this. Btw, Larry has a similar idea by choosing a theme each mth for us to work on.


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