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Thread: How to take a clear photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa Tay View Post
    Hello Seniors,

    Just like to know if it is possible to take a clear pic zoomed at 200mm with aperture 22 without tripod? When I moved a little, the screen on the camera sensed and showed quite alot of movement, therefore making the photo very blur when I take one.

    I am using a Panasonic 45-200mm with OIS switched on.

    Please provide me with guidance, with your experience, on roughly which aperture to use or to zoom or not for taking:
    1) landscapes and
    2) wildlife.

    to answer ur question. yes it is possible. reciprocal rule, at 200mm (min shutter is 1/focal length, which is 1/200) , anything slower, u could risk blur (if it had OIS, it could help abit).
    You dont need f22 to shoot most stuffs. cos the sharpness usually settles around f8-11 for most lenses anyways.

    1) likewise for landscape, you can do f8-11, then switch off any Optical stabilisation if you are using tripod
    2) possibly need a longer lens / zoom in yes. smaller aperture as you want to single out the target and have faster shutter
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    Personally I go beyond 1/effective focal length.
    Reason is to get more consistent results.

    If I am at 300mm using a 1.5 crop sensor camera, I will be using 1/800 shutter speed. (300*1.5*2) with VR on. As for apecture if you are taking wild life on a crop sensor F22 would be beyond diffration limit. I usually stop down 1 to 2 stop at the tele end if light is not an issue.

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