I mentioned this one here back in January, as a two-part feature request and I’m delighted that one of these actually made it into Lightroom CC, but the other one didn’t, so I still wanted to include it in my top 10 list.
The feature (well, it’s more like a tweak or a fix) that did make it in has to do with Collection Sets. I noted back in January that when you create a New Collection Set, you leave the images you were working on, and it takes you to the blank gray screen you see below. To do pretty much anything you had to navigate back to the images you were working on (and often new users didn’t know how to do that, or why they were at a gray screen to begin with, so it freaked them out).

In Lightroom CC they fixed this, and now when you create a Collection Set, you don’t see this gray screen anymore — you stay working right where you were — you just see a new Collection Set added to your Collections panel, which speeds up your workflow (high-five to the Lightroom team for fixing this).
The other request, and #5 in my series is the one that hasn’t made it in yet, which is:
#5: Add a “New Collection Set” option to the New Collection dialog

(I did a mock-up of the UI below)

This speeds our workflow because now we can create New Collection Sets any time we make a new Collection. In this case, here’s how my workflow would go now:
Step One: I import the photos from my shoot, and select just the Corvette shots.
Step Two: I create a New Collection; name it Corvette, and create the new Collection Set right now in the same dialog (as seen above) and when the naming dialog appears, I name it “Car Studio Shoot.”
Now my new Corvette collection appears in my new “Car Studio Shoot” Collection Set — it’s fast, quick and keeps thing moving with jumping back and forth between dialogs.
So, that’s #5 in my series. By the way — I read all of your feature suggestions, and I’ve gotta tell ya, there are some fantastic ideas here — you’re really making it tough to pick my favorites — I really dig they you guys are thinking!
Have a rockin’ Tuesday (how’s that for putting a spin on Tuesdays?)
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