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Thread: Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

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    Default Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

    Hi guys,

    they are going to build some tall buildings next to my place. before they do, I want to take some sunrise sunset photo, probably plus time lapse also

    i think i probably need the following:

    a)100MM filter system with GND 0.6 or 0.9
    b)a circular polariser

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    Lee has a CPL but it will cost me $400 + $70 (for the CPL adaptor) = $470
    If i get the B+W CPL, it will cost me much lesser:

    a) $220
    This filter uses our rotating XS-Pro Digital mount which is especially suited for DSLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses. It has a front thread for additional accessories such as lens caps or hoods. All XS-Pro Digital mounts are made of brass and are matte black to prevent reflections.

    b) $185
    This filter uses our standard B+W rotating F-Pro filter mount, which has a front accessory thread and is made of brass. Compared to the earlier standard mount introduced in 2001, the F-Pro mount has become thinner. Now it can be used with wide angle lenses, including most 24mm focal lengths on a full frame body, without vignetting. Another advantage of the F-Pro mount is it's modified retaining ring, which is no longer threaded in from the front, but holds the filter glass in place from the back. When removing a filter or lens hood that has been screwed on too tight to the filter, the retaining ring is not at risk of loosening.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    1) can Lee's 77mm wide angle adaptor be stacked on any of the above B+W CPL?
    (I am thinking should be yes but i need to ask to be sure. I am leaned towards the B+W CPL because of the price and also I can use the CPL easily when I am not using the Lee filter)

    2) Should I get a 0.6 pr 0.9 GND? Which is needed more in a sunrise or sunset case?
    (I am leaning towards a 0.9 soft because the 0.3 to 0.6 band (somewhere in the middle) may be useful

    3) are there any issues with stacking the B+W CPL with Lee 0.9 GND?
    (I am using 40d + 17-55)

    Thanks alot guys!
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    Default Re: Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

    I was thinking instead of the stacking CPL with the LEE Holder, why not just get the Haida CPL and the holder.

    For Haida CPL, the CPL adapter functions as a adapter ring and CPL holder. So in this way, you don't have to stack filter adapters on the CPL which is also thicker. But with your setup, you may not see the difference for the thickness difference, but it (vignetting) may be quite visible on UWA on FF.

    If you are going to consider the Haida Option, you may also want to consider their GNDs/NDs as well.

    From the website I'm taking reference from,
    The holder system (CPL Adapter ring + Filter Holder): ~$98
    CPL: ~$90
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    Default Re: Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

    Bro, thanks so much! lucky i posted questoin here. I am going to take the haida option because i dont take many photos

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    Default Re: Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

    FYI, CPL filter works best when the light coming from an angle perpendicular with lens axis, if you use CPL filter during sunrise or sunset and the sun is in the frame or direct behind you, it will become a ND filter with no polarising effect.
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    Default Re: Can Lee Filter adaptor fit on B+W CPL?

    Thanks so much! you just saved me alot of money. i go focus get the gnd filter
    the polariser can wait

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    Hope you realize that gnd gives you some problems if there are many tall buildings in your frame that cut into the horizon.


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