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Thread: Don't Feed the Bears!

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    Default Don't Feed the Bears!

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    Default Re: Don't Feed the Bears!

    Long telephoto lenses helps in this situation... LOL

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    Default Re: Don't Feed the Bears!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikonzen View Post
    Stupid is as Stupid does.....

    That is why I sometime am not comfortable with the over showing of cute animals some real but manipulated shot and in cartoons form which mislead ignorant type people and young children into thinking wild animals especially top apex predator animals without disclaimers. So when someone spots mother bear with cute little cubs... they rush out to shoot without think or know how animals don't see them as harmless. The first instinct is human might harm my cubs so i need to attack.

    I was in the past told off for being killjoy especially by mothers who said I am scaring their kids ( with facts) They rather go all nice and gooey looking at a adult lion hugging and licking the caretaker like this always happen in real life. hehehe.... BUt there are so many news article out there of kids and silly adults who find ways to get closer to these animals in zoo and wildlife enclosure to try to touch the "cute" beast.

    Oh well... survival of the fittest heeeee...
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