I am a film based photographer for years, but I have recently switched to digital ONLY for commercials & events shoot.I find using digital in this case more productive as you can see all your images instantly.If no good,you can shoot again.I have covered very important social functions using digital and my clients are very happy with the results.
So its up to you , digital, you see instantly and on film, always there is a dunno,good or not.
A D70s kit is a good buy. The kits lens is a fantastic lens.( I am using it ).
Invest a little more,checks will roll in faster for your wife. Get a D800 flash to match D70s camera. Lastly, a mono pod will help steady slow speed images. A set like this will do first and later think of expanding if required.

Great images, compliments to your wife. You love your wife , spend a little more for her and go on "bread & butter" for a while.