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    Go fashion with cheongsams and take your art directions to the next level!

    Date: 2nd Oct, Sun (Will open another slot on Sat only if there's sufficient response)

    Time: 1.30-4.30pm

    Theme: Cheongsam

    3 changes:

    * Long white gown, icy look
    * Traditional red knee length
    * New age black cheongsam with boots, edgy look

    Cost: $70

    Venue: Studio in the South West (released to paid participants only)

    Min: 5 Photographers per day

    Max: 6 Photographers per day

    Provided: MUA, lighting assistant, refreshments, props

    Here's a samples.

    Will post up more soon!

    2nd Oct, Sun. 1.30-4.30pm

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    2nd Oct, Sun. 1.30-4.30pm
    1. Reserve (u13)
    2. Reserve (ap)
    3. Reserve (yd)
    4. Reserve (mg)
    5. Reserve (cc)

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    Wah So fast ae ?? ?
    hmm ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman77
    Wah So fast ae ?? ?
    hmm ...
    Haha yep... one more space left to reserve

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    Ups for Mel. So fast only last slot left. What are you guys waiting for? Go go go.

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    Sorry guys, studio's not available on 2nd Oct. Will postpone the date and repost a new thread. Will keep u guys updated!

    Mods, please help me close this thread. Thanks a mil!


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