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Thread: Fishing Boat near a Kelong

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    Default Fishing Boat near a Kelong

    Realised that my photography have not been improving for the past year or so... so took the courage to post some photos here, hoping to have good critics to help me improve.

    Below are 2 photos from my recent trip to Bintan. Please give your generous comments. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Fishing Boat near a Kelong

    where is the kelong?

    I suppose that the sunlight was not too good that day

    I prefer #2 but it needs better light or a tighter crop

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    Default Re: Fishing Boat near a Kelong

    Yo, great pix! like the mood the tone. I dun think the lighting is a problem to me. Why not try convert to black and white, i think the effect will be more dramatic. Just my one cent worth

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    think the prob is that there are really no intersting elements in the pic: flat sea, shapeless clouds, flat-toned sky, and the most interesting thing being boat and people, and thats why the closer crop work a little betetr - see the people's faces. So overall uninteresting picture.

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    Overall I quite like the colour of the sky. I feel like the composition in picture #1 is a bit off. The building all the way to the right of the frame is a distraction and I would have wanted the boat to be further to the left in the frame. Right now it looks like it's going to drive off the screen at any moment :-)

    The second picture is stuck in between a silhouette where no details can be seen, only the shape of the boat and people, and a more detailed picture of the two people in the boat where we can see their expression, wonder what they're looking at etc.

    Because the picture lands in between these two, I don't feel anything special about the second picture. The boat is a bit to central in the frame as well.

    Just my personal subjective opinion. I think the scene has potential.


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