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Thread: Urgent: SD card holders

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    Hey guys, sorry for the numerous threads recently.

    Can I check whether any one knows where I can find SD card holders? I'm looking for the tiny box kind and not the wallet one. (E.g.

    Tried numerous shops like Daiso, Challenger, Sony but they don't seem to have it.

    Flying off the day after so I don't really have time to buy online.

    Thanks in advance
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    I got one from Daiso sometime back. Try different outlets, not all outlets carry the same items.
    If they don't sell this anymore, try walking around the camera shops at funan.

    (Image not mine, via:

    Didn't find these at Challenger?
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    Ya, not all have same products. Saw something similar at some daiso before.
    Or get something else to carry the memory cards eg pocket name card holder /case?

    Maybe can look at those stores like sgcamerastore etc?

    If u using camera like dslr and bring lens cap along in bag (the camera mount cover/cap and lens rear elements cap ), where often ppl tend to screw both caps together. Can keep memory card inside.

    Sometime I put my spare cards in small ziplock bag.

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    Go buy from Muji, not exactly SD card holders but small boxes that can be used to keep SD and CF cards nicely.


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