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Thread: Why 2 cents ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosea
    Clear definition .. where did you get this from? Izzit your own?

    The irony is:" it is Inconsequential or almost insignificant and yet compel to say it..."
    Wonder what is that compelling emotiion to drop a note?
    Nah..I can;t claim credit for that definition though it does mirror my own sentiments about that catchphrase to some extend. heh.

    I have been to this particular site for a couple of years to check up on catchphrase old and new. And especially all those hip street phrases used in rap or those more funky phrase modern kids talk, rap or sing. I am not in the mood to grow old just yet hehe so I get into it once in a while to check out the terms, get tips for copywriting street lingo, ircing with my US frens and I am a huge fan of US standup comedies whic I collect on Mp3s.

    If you are a father figure or someone who has kids with whom you are straight about what words they pick up from those modern rap song or dance hits..beware!!...when you actually find out what those rather innocent sounding phrase mean in real will be washing your kids mouth out with soap ....alot!! heheheh

    Anyone care to know what the phrase to the song by Black Eye Peas means when she say " No No No Don't "Phunk" with my heart" This is still tame bu most account. I guess that is why so much of the hip songs slip through the censoreship this day as more complex alternative terms are used that authories can't keep it becomes a secret code of sort's pretty interesting read.

    Well enjoy reading up some of the catchphrases. The link is here: (note:adults contend)

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    Default Re: Why 2 cents ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dragos
    my peanuts worth
    Wah, the "peanuts" is worth a lot now leh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammy888
    Good link...
    Rap.. haha... very hard to understand... just like Beijing Opera to the new generation.
    Just my opinion.... no 2 cents worth of thought. coffee time.

    Upzz. any more contribtuion on 2cents connotation or meanings?

    Rethink the whole night, I like this :-
    "It was also the cost of postage per ounce of mail in US during the late nineteenth century. So you would be able to let your opinion known for 2 cents..." by Terence.
    we are just got opinion easily within sec now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benign
    What I really wanted to say all these years: My 2 balls lah

    But then nobody appreciates my honesty
    wahahahahahah... stake your BALLS! this is BALLISTIC!

    btw, i think 5 cents too much, 1 cent too little, 2 cents just nice... chinese style...
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