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Thread: Complain about your stupid clients here!

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    Default Re: Complain about your stupid clients here!

    Quote Originally Posted by fotoudavid View Post
    Not sure why got photographers like to complaint about clients in forum and social media.
    Because they believe in freedom of speech.
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    Default Re: Complain about your stupid clients here!

    I don't think it is polite to.complain about your client in public. However, it is perfectly ok to share bad experiences.

    It is also not true customer is always right and we should NEVER encourage the culture that you are king being customer. It is bad social manner we don't want Singaporean to be associated with. I have come across many who think they are high and mighty just because they have that power and money. Remember, nothing is perpetual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optodexine View Post
    I get it, photography is a competitive field, and these days when every mobile phone has a camera, clients sometimes think photography is much easier than it is. I am sure all of us have had client asking/demanding totally unreasonable and sometimes downright stupid things.

    Let me start this thread off with one of mine.

    I was recently approached by an old client. Her family used to run a night club and I used to help them out with party club shots. It has been a few years and she was asking me to help her out with a new client. Apparently she was not in the party scene any more and was helping a client build a website and needed jewellery shots done. Here was the conversation via whatsapp

    Client: I need some jewellery photos for my client. Are you still doing photography?

    Me: Yes I still do.

    Client: I just need some simple ones will do. About 20-30 photos. I think 2 hours should be enough to finish.

    Me: (I know 2 hours is ridiculous for so many pieces but before I start asking for more money, I wanted to know what her expectation was. Maybe it is a blogshop for costume jewllery) ok is this the kind of photo you want?
    <img src=""/>

    Client: No not must have diamonds also.

    Me: Like this?
    <img src=""/>

    Client: No not enough effect.

    Me: Effect?

    Client: Must see the diamond bling. That one no effect

    Me: U mean like this?
    <img src=""/>

    Client: Yes like that very nice

    Me: ok this will be $1000 per piece. (honestly I was not interested in taking up this job in the first place at this point of time, I knew she thought this was super easy to do and thought I could do it in like 5 minutes per photo)

    Client: Why so expensive!

    Me: Because it is very hard to do. It takes at least 1 hour to shoot each piece and still needs a lot of graphic design and layout. If you want I can do for discount, $15,000 for 20 pieces. This is super hard to do. Very few photographers in Singapore can do this professionally. I need to hire a specialist to help you do this. And there is a lot of specialised equipment that need to use to do this job. And we also need to do graphic design for all the pieces. (this is the truth)

    Client: What is the market rate?

    Me: $1000 per photo

    Client: How about the basic one?

    Me: This kind I can do. I can do 20 pieces for $1800
    <img src=""/>

    Client: What is your best price

    Me: $1800 Cash before delivery

    Don't call stupid clients "stupid" lah. V rude.

    Just say ignorant or cheapskate clients.

    Actually this person concerned is not really yr client yet. He/she just making enquiries abt a job.

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    Default Re: Complain about your stupid clients here!

    Think TS thinks that his client is taking advantage of himself thus the thread.

    Most of us in one way or another, would have these kind of client.

    Anyway agreed with most of you guys, TS is a bit unprofessional but the past is past, let it go.

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