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    Hi...i would like to ask those who have taken the basic photography course in it any gd? Is it only for total newbies? I mean...i've took up photography for almost a yr now and i wonder if i join would i juz be learning bout things i already know? would it be better if i take up the other courses like studio lighting or colour slides?

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    depends on how proficient you are... the course is catered for total beginners (teaching things like DOF, aperture, shutter speed and so on), but they do make allowances for intermediate shooters. i've been shooting on and off for about 4 plus years now but i still forced myself to go thru the basic course. i did learn some things that i missed out in my self-taught experience.

    if you feel confident that you can handle your camera and know your shots, then go for one of the more advanced classes. can prolly pick up some other skills along the way by interacting with others and the lecturers.


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