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    Been seing all these export set from Price is very competitive and enticing. Anyone bought an export set before? Is it reliable?

    Apart from no warranty, lets say, touchwood, got problem, i send to canon would they be able to repair or they will not accept it.

    Much appreciated guys.

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    It's actually not an export set, but a parallel import set, also called grey set. These sets are imported bypassing the official channels. Apart from that it's exactly the same equipment, you can expect the same quality control from the Canon factory. So what is the remaining difference? The prepaid warranty. If a local set has an issue you can go to the Service Center and they fix it for free during the warranty period. If your grey set has an issue Canon will still service it - but you have to pay for parts and labor. The same will happen once the prepaid warranty period for the local set runs out. Then both are treated the same way.
    Up to you what you prefer. Some people need the peace of mind and pay the warranty upfront (getting a local set), others think that Canon's quality control is sufficient to weed out faulty copies already in the factory.
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    Default Re: Export Set DSLR

    For Grey sets, Canon will still take it in and repair, but you have to pay for it.


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