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Thread: (#M24) 2 Oct 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot

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    Default (#M24) 2 Oct 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot

    (#M24) 2 October 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot

    Hi, we are bringing to you yet another model shoot on 2 October 2005

    Details as follows:

    Date: 2 October 2005
    Place: Outdoor (details released to confirmed participants only)
    Time: 3pm - 6pm
    Cost: S$60 per photographer (S$50 for early birds)
    Slots: 6 Slots Available

    Chilled Refreshments will also be provided.

    We are planning to have 3-4 main changes 1-2 changes of casual/chic outfits and 1-2 changes of bikini.

    As this is a group shoot, you will be having about 3 hours of shooting time with the model, excluding changing and rest times. We shall proceed only if there's sufficient participation.

    So why hesitate? Pm me today here or preferably, email me at modelshooterz@NO SPAM HERE to reserve your spot today! (remove the words NOSPAMHERE before emailing - duh!).

    Kindly provide the following particulars for easy contacting and dissemination of information.

    1. CS Nick
    2. Name
    3. Email address
    4. Handphone number

    P.S. Early Birds who confirm before 19 September 2005 2359 Hrs will get to enjoy our promotional rate of $50 instead of $60. Early birds will have to provide the above particulars and do an internet transfer of S$50 to POSB Account (008-55117-0).

    When making payment, kindly include your forum nick or name as your initials in the e-banking form so that I can track your payment. Once you have successfully transferred the $$$, do drop me a pm or email immediately to inform me of this so that I can verify payment. You may also wish to retain the electronic confirmation receipt at your end as proof of payment.

    Why wait? Join today!

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    Default Re: (#M24) 2 Oct 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot

    Here is a photo of the model for that day.

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    Default Re: (#M24) 2 Oct 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot

    Due to some minor changes, the shoot will be scheduled on the 9th instead of the 2nd. This thread is hereby closed.

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    Default Re: (#M24) 2 Oct 2005 Outdoor Bikini/Casual Shoot


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