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Thread: FHM @ F1 Powerboat Grand Prix

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    Default FHM @ F1 Powerboat Grand Prix

    Hi folks,

    I'm not new here - can't seem to find my old ID and login.... used to post in the forum some time ago but got too busy. Have to start from scratch again.

    Anyway... for photogs who love machines & babes... here's a heads-up!

    At the F1 event, the FHM Race Queens with be there. (Heard from an inside source that there will be 11 FHM Race Queens!)

    Wong Li-lin will be also be there on Sunday 18 Sep from 2.30pm to 3.30pm to autograph posters of her. Got nice pix of her at

    There will be dirtbikes, motocross, handball championships and happening people at the big swimming pool at the Indochine tent.... loads of action shots and beautiful people I guess!

    Get your lens ready and your memory cards empty!

    OldFlameAngel (not related to the Flame Angel here, although I have the same nick in some other hobby forum).

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    Default Re: FHM @ F1 Powerboat Grand Prix

    Thanks for the link

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    Default Re: FHM @ F1 Powerboat Grand Prix

    Sure... had no choice.... I can't seem to cut or copy from that website for some reason....

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    Default Re: FHM @ F1 Powerboat Grand Prix

    How to get to the place where the actions are?

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    i won 2 tickets but i cant collect them can send someone with photocopy of 11b and letter of authority?


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