[QUOTE=yqt]1st question: shoot or save.
Answer: Shoot. Hey! George is a professional, he'll understand that I'm working for a major press and it's my job to record his last moments. Anyway, if I save him, the secret service may want to bumb me off for putting them in a bad light.

2nd question: colour or B/W
Answer: Both of course! I'll shoot first in B/W as I think most Pulitzer Prize winning shots are done on B/W. Than I'll shout at him to swim back to where he was before and let me shoot in colour so that I can sell both colour and B/W version to other press and stocks guys. QUOTE]

Hahaha! Good 1.

My version answers:
1st Question:
I'll shoot too! Cos I'm still on vacation. Bush will definitely understand that . In fact, I just came back from Texas.. Dun believe? I show u the pic I took - me singing with my guitar

2nd Question:
I'll setup tripod, then shoot myself trying to save Bush.. Of course, not for real (I mean saving Bush )
This way, I'll win Pulitzer Prize, plus "Brilliant" American Hero Award