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Thread: Cathay in Focus Presents: “Live Composite” with Wong Liang Piow

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    Default Cathay in Focus Presents: “Live Composite” with Wong Liang Piow

    I am not the organiser neither would I be held accountable for seats reservation. This is just passing of information as I am a M43 user and chanced upon this workshop held by CP posted on their FB

    Cathay in Focus Presents:
    “Live Composite” with Wong Liang Piow

    Discover how to shoot star trails and complex long-exposures, even during daytime with Live Composite – an exclusive function of Olympus OM-D series cameras. LP Wong shares insider tips and tricks on how you can incorporate this feature to your workflow.

    Join us next Friday evening, for an opportunity to test-drive the Olympus OM-D series cameras, including the E-M5 MKII, E-M1 and E-M10, and experience personally the wonders of this unique Live Composite feature.

    Register for this talk today at:

    Limited seats only!

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    Hsteric Motion media ;a memorable experience.

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    Thanks to WongLP for the live composite intro. Besides going there to check out this function which is not in my em5, I really went there to support our m43 section own moderator.

    It's nice seeing you WongLP. Hope to see you and the rest again in future gathering.

    The door gift is awesome btw, a pen key chain with 2 lens, lol.
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