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Thread: How many plates you can eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmacs
    dun nag at him wait he cannot eat properly then all the shooters liao si kang...

    eh...why woman like to nag ah?
    I cannot tahan when a woman nags at me. I wanna go crazy and bang my head on the wall. When my mom or GF nag at me, i run far far away.

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    Default Re: How many plates you can eat?

    challenger pls :P

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    Never actually tried eating 8 plates of chicken rice.
    My greatest accomplishment is 15pcs of KFC in one go 15 years ago. Back in those days, KFC chicken were larger. Now, the size of the chicken resembles more like small.

    But think 8 plates of chicken rice is definitely more than 15pcs of KFC.

    Oh, yeah, incidentally,I'm now at a PERFECT weight....100kg, 1.78m.

    People always say I'm overweight, but actually I'm not. Based on my weight, I should be at least 1.93m tall, but I'm only 1.78m. That means I am actually undertall.

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    Hey, this reminds me of someone I knew.

    He's really tall ... 6ft +, very slender but he has a suoer high metabolic rate.

    When he was in sec 1 or 2, he used to eat 2 pkts of rice for breakfast, 6-10 pratas and when he goes eat satay, there was once after finishing about 60 or 70 sticks, he stopped and stared into thin air. This worried his wife asked him what was wrong and he answered, "Mouth tired!"

    Seriously, this guy used to dive in ice cold waters during his training without a wet suit!

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    Default Re: How many plates you can eat?

    wah lao eh recession come already!!!!!! chicken rice plates getting smaller and smaller and smaller...poor steelwolf must spend so much...

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