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Thread: How is this picture taken?

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    Lightbulb How is this picture taken?

    Hello, this is a picture taken of electrico. I have always looked at pictures taken in this technique. However I am not really sure of the techniques and lightings that are used. I think a graduation filter was used, including frontal lighting diffused with a softbox. I also assume a liberal usage of photoshop was used. I believe this techinque was also used in the UOB art award 2004 "decontructing contruction" However for that piece I don't think artifical lighting was used at all. Is this correct? Could someone provide me on some information on how this picture was taken? Is this a particular style of photography? Is there a term to this technique?
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    where is this "picture" in question.... hemm... that my friend is the question... haha okay it's late.. i'm cooky and nuts...

    It would help to show us the pic =) not that if u show me i can give u a right answer.. but hey... i think u understand.

    haha NPNT!!!

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    Hmm.. I notice that it's a .bmp extension...

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    I think you somehow got it. Don't think a grad filter is needed though. Essentially can just underexpose the background and further burn in the sky.
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    I noticed that the location is where Brett took his "Phantom Bicycle" photos:

    You might want to check with him.
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