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Thread: Price of Canon A80

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    Hi Guys/Gals,

    Im thinking of getting A80..wats the market rate for a 2nd hand?


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    Why not get a new A510/A520?

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    Juz wnt to note how much A80 is worth now.

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    Think that should be worth about $250-300 for a set that is in good condition. You can see B&S for a feel of the price. If someone is selling at a certain price for so long and no one seems to be keen, likelihood is that the price is too high already.

    Anyway, all these are a matter of perception and is purely a matter of demand and supply, obeying the basics of economics. If someone is willing to pay $1000 for it, then the price will be $1000

    However, for the seller, sometimes they use gimmicks to promote their wares such as testimonies / pics that they taken with the camera to proof that the condition is good and the colours are sharp ...


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