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Thread: Teleconverter for shooting a soccer game

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    Default Teleconverter for shooting a soccer game

    Hello Nikonians, I'm looking to photograph a soccer game. I will be seated at the audience area so I don't have the luxury of being near the field.

    I'm looking to buy a telecoverter to try some sports photography.

    My setup is a D3s with a 70-200mm V2.

    I've done some reading and was advised that the TC-14e produces the best sharpness among the 1.7 and 2.

    But before I pull the trigger, I would like to ask for your views on this. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Teleconverter for shooting a soccer game

    Have you consider renting a 300mm instead of buying a 1.4 teleconverter? A 1.4 will only bring your lens to a maximum range of 280mm short of 300mm. Which you could simply rent one for the day to shoot.

    How often do you shoot at such a long distance to justify getting one?
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    Default Re: Teleconverter for shooting a soccer game

    agree with Sammy,
    unless you shoot soccer game every week, why don't just rent one when needed.
    spending $500 on a teleconverter, you can rent 300 f2.8 at least 4 times, plus you have a faster lens and better image quality.
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    Default Re: Teleconverter for shooting a soccer game

    I shoot behind the goal post with FF and 2 lenses - 70-200mm when they're closer to me and 400mm when they're midfield and further.

    Depending on how far away is the spectator stand, you may wish to consider renting the TC1.7x together with the 300mm. A sturdy monopod is a must too.
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    70-200 is short already. Even from side lines, sports photographers use 300mm and/or 400mm.

    You are right that the shorter the teleconverter the better the image quality. But seriously i have never been too thrilled with TCs on the 70-200, especially when you probably have to crop even further since you are sitting so far in plus the fact you are using a 12mp cam. I think you can do even better with a 80-400 or tamron 150-600.
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