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Thread: which online site you make your purchase.

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    Default which online site you make your purchase.

    To those that do purchase online, other than ebay, yahoo, amazon, which other site did you make purchase from which have big range of item.

    Personally i try ebay international and yahoo singapore, looking for some other source to shop.

    Forget to mention CLUBSNAP bns.

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    Default Re: which online site you make your purchase.

    think amazon belong to a different system... ebay & yahoo if you refering to auctions. are just between you & the seller/buyer. amazon is a shop, and also with some other online retailers... very different concept, goals & mission.

    i normally get cheap stuff, or hard to get stuff via yahoo auction singapore, either meetup or mail them, i pay for registered mail.

    amazon wise, just for dvds, nothing else yet, and i dun get myself, i ask others to MO together... hehe... i am those who can't bear to wait for weeks & waiting by my door, i'd rather ppl wait by their door while i sleep...
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