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    Taxi fare structure to be standardised but does not include flag-down fares -
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    SINGAPORE - Taxi companies will have to set their fares in a more structured way from the second half of this year.
    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Tuesday that with the exception of flagdown rates, the fare structure for taxis will be standardised.
    The new rules mean that cab companies will be allowed to decide on their own flag downs for different taxis.
    However, their taxis must have only one set of metered rates - how much passengers are charged per kilometer and for waiting - for their standard fleet and one set for their premium fleets. This can differ across the board.

    - See more at:
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    Hurray! Good news!

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    The table already looks complicated. Why taking a taxi needs to be so troublesome? Even recognizing one is challenging. Aren't we spending time on the wrong thing?


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