This song is dedicated to the man who made the impossible happen.

I used to wonder why Mr Lee Kuan Yew teared when Malaysia and Singapore parted ways. I mean come on, just look at how well Singapore is doing without Malaysia. With it's superb geographical advantage, Singapore can easily prosper on its own, right?

With the recent surge of LKY related videos, I suddenly came to realize how much I have taken for granted. Singapore is where she is today not because she is destined to be successful, in fact, she is by right destined to be crushed by obstacles every step of the way. But one man had a dream, and had the fighting spirit to go against anything to ensure her survival. Because of him, she not only stood the test of the time, but also became one of the greatest countries on the globe.

Thank you Mr Lee for the opportunities that came my way because of the meritocratic system that you have developed. Thank you Mr Lee for the convenient and comfortable life style that I get to enjoy because of your foresight in building the island. Thank you Mr Lee for making Singapore happen.