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Thread: Sunday Film Outing 22/3/2015

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    Default Sunday Film Outing 22/3/2015

    Hi all,

    It has been a while since I did any outing and hope to do one before I leave singapore.

    I will be using film Nikon F3 for walkabout on (22.03.2015) Sunday.
    For this outing, I will be sharing and learning from you guys.

    Please bring along your camera. Be it toy, lomo, film or digital, compact, mirrorless, dslr, it doesn't matter as long as it can capture image.

    Things to bring:
    - Camera and lens.
    - Water bottles
    - money for teh terik
    - more money for roti prata because we are going to little india.

    Date: 22.03.2015 Sunday.
    Time: 0900am to Any time u like to go off.
    Location: Meet @ Little India MRT control station.

    ps: PM me for my contact number and stating you are are going.
    If the photo i took is 1% unclear, I will rather delete ..

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    Default Re: Sunday Film Outing 22/3/2015

    Hi, would like to join u tomorrow. Wats yr contact.



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