Okie, juz started on my DK-17M to pentax eyepiece mod. As mentioned b4, I tried to pushed the nikon 2370 adaptor in the last time and it was kinda tight and din really go in. Well, I was a bit less squeamish today and tot that at most if spoilt the thing can go back to J and J and pushed in all the way. It is a bit tight, tighter than the original eyepiece, but it did went in and u can remove it too. So currently Im using my S2's eyecup on the DS until I can find the parts I need for my mod. U basically need the 2370 adaptor and the F80 eyecup. Think I got everything from TCW for ard 40+ if I dun remember wrong.

Oh ya, on a side note, if u have a sc-17 ttl cable lying ard, it works for normal auto flash using the DS. And so does the SB24. I tried the sc-17 after getting my SB24 to fire in auto mode (not TTL).